Clarke’s comeback delayed by rain; Nadal to miss Wimbledon

Well, I guess most tennis fans have heard the news: My match was rained out on Saturday. As I was driving home from the sodden courts,  NPR reported another piece of news that might be of interest to tennis fans: Nadal has withdrawn from Wimbledon. He won’t be defending his title, his 2008 victory over Federer that has more or less shaped the pro tour’s narrative for the past 12 months.

The late-spring typhoon kept me from testing some techniques from Timothy Gallwey’s classic, The Inner Game of Tennis. I’ve already read the book countless times, but thumbed through it again this past week in search of guidance that might lead me out of my losing streak. I’m trying to stay in the moment, absorbed in the physical sensation of watching and hitting the yellow orb. “Bounce, hit.” Will it work? I hope to find out next week.

In the meantime, what will Nadal’s withdrawal mean? A record-breaking 15th Grand Slam for Federer? Or an opportunity for Murray or Djokavic, both of whom have been knocking on the door of the first-class cabin occupied by Nadal and Federer alone?

I’m guessing Fed will make it 15.


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