Centennial Conference: Championship update

In the Centennial Conference semifinals, Hopkins shut out Washington, as expected, and Swat prevailed over Haverford. Swat faces Hopkins in the finals on Sunday. Swat, whose doubles teams looked especially sharp yesterday, could pull off an upset. They’ll need to get at least two doubles. In singles, I think they have their best chance of picking up three more points at 2 (K. Shaughnessy), 3 (Zak Kelm), and 4 (Mark Wee).

A tough finish for the Fords

The semifinal loss was a tough one for Haverford. I figured they needed to win two doubles. They got one, but lost the other two 9-7, in one case after being broken while serving for the set. At first singles, Haverford’s Buxbaum went down quietly in the first set, but found his game in the second. He was up a break in the third, about to get his second break. Swat hit the ball just wide, giving Haverford a commanding lead.  But Swat appealed to the ref, who overruled Haverford’s call. I was in the stands, so I obviously didn’t have as a good a view as the ref, but the ball looked clearly out. It was huge setback for the Fords. Buxbaum was rattled, and dropped the third set 6-4.

Haverford won at second singles, but dropped number three, which had gone their way in the regular season match. Swat advanced to the finals with a 6-3 victory.


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