Clarke Out, UMLY Aces Fall

I was off this weekend, impersonating a handyman around my house. The UMLY Aces squared off against Great Valley, one of the league’s toughest teams. We lost 0-5, but four of the five courts went to three sets. A stray point here or there, and I could be writing about our 4-1 or 3-2 victory. We face Great Valley again in the season’s second half. We’ll be ready.

Haverford update

Haverford was one of four teams to qualify for the Centennial Conference championships, which took place this weekend. In Saturday’s match, the third-seeded Haverford battled second seed Swarthmore. During the regular season, Swat had beaten the Fords 6-3. But in the championships, Haverford took an early lead, winning two of the three doubles points. Tom Kinrade, Haverford’s #1 singles player, won easily to give Haverford a 3-1 lead.

Swat won three of the next four singles courts, and the match was tied at 4-4. After splitting the first two sets in tiebreaks, Haverford’s Marc Rudolph and Swarthmore’s Mark Wee contested a third to decide the outcome. Rudolph dominated, winning 6-0. Haverford advanced to the finals in its first victory over Swarthmore since 1956. Yes, 1956.

In the finals, Johns Hopkins, the league’s dominant squad blanked the Fords, ending their bid to make the NCAA Championships. Maybe next year.

Sports nutrition

Prices are on the rise. I feel it at the pump. I felt it this winter, when I was spending $400 to $500 a month to heat my Eisenhower-era split level with the knotty pine rec room. I worry about it when I read that pizzerias are under pressure because the prices of flour and cheese have been going up by a quadrillion percent a year.

But today’s New York Times story about pinching pennies struck me as a tad apocalyptic. Some choice excerpts:

“It hasn’t gotten to human food mixed with pet food yet,” [retail consultant Burt Flickinger] said, “but it is certainly headed in that direction.”

Ms. Dunaway, a homemaker, used to splurge on the ingredients for homemade lasagna, her husband’s favorite, before food prices began to surge this year.

“Now he’s lucky to get a 99-cent lasagna TV dinner, or maybe some Manwich out of a can,” she said.

If my opponents are subsisting on “Manwich out of a can” and pet food, I may have the best season of my career.


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