Swinging freely

The indoor season is winding down. Another month at the Great Valley Racquet Club, and then Englund’s Main Line Classic, a local tournament that marks the end of the indoor season and the beginning of outdoor ball.

A few weeks ago, I told Rick that I was trying, without a lot of success, to hit my forehand on the rise. “I have no trouble with the forehand,” he said. “You’ve got to hit it here.” Thigh-high, half a foot in front of his torso. I’d never paid attention to the contact point. I’ve always focused on the stroke mechanics.

Since talking with Rick, however, I’ve been keeping my eye on the strike zone and letting the swing take care of itself. The result has been a more fluid stroke, with more depth and pace. I can also report progress on the kick-serve . . . sort of. I get a genuine kick on about one in ten serves. Come my first league match, I hope that ratio will be higher.

No training next week, though. I’m off to Florida, hoping to combat the Seasonal Affective Disorder that afflicts us denizens of the Northern climes at this time of year.


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