Champing at the bit

The sky is leaden, the air frigid in Southeastern Pennsylvania. At the bottom of the planet, the pro game is getting started in the brilliant Australian summer.

The contrast has me champing at the bit to get outside and battle beneath the sun. In the meantime, I’m following the Australian Open’s warm-up events at odd hours on the Internet, eager for the pro game’s new stories to unfold. Will Federer’s dominance continue? Can James Blake win a big one, a Masters Shield or even a Slam? Will one of the women emerge as the tour’s dominant force? Or will Justine, Serena, and Maria continue to take turns at the top?

The Pennsylvania weather seems to have broken this morning. The mercury is headed toward 50°. Maybe I’ll get out there and practice my kick. I’ve been using it indoors. It’s coming along, but not where I want it to be.


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